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Meet the Photographer

 My name is Daphne, I love where I live in upstate New York, due to my passion for hiking. The outdoors inspires me to provide inspiration to others. I am eager to spread the wealth of memories that we call life, as time is a thief, and we are only here for a brief time. 


 Some of my other enjoyments in life, asides from Photography, are going dancing with friends, wine & paint events, and hosting game nights. I love to travel and explore this beautiful world that we live in, from the bright sunny views in Florida to the snowy scenery in New York. 

 One of my passions, when I was younger, was scrapbooking and creating digital albums which I still love to do today. This hobby evolved from physical copies to digital ones, and I was very quickly maxing out all of my SIM cards and phone storage. This is where the inspiration came from my friends, who were inquiring about my lack of phone storage. They were curious and wanted to know what I was doing when I showed them my projects, they then encouraged me to pursue this beyond a hobby. 

 Life took me through twists and turns until I realized that yes, this path is beyond enjoyable for me. My creative juices come to life, and I find myself with a little notebook filled with inspirational ideas for my photoshoots. 


 My goal is not to just take pictures and pose my clients, I aim to create an experience that truly makes them smile. It's these types of experiences that encourage you to enjoy your memories and share them with loved ones, because you're either proud or excited all over again due to what you experienced in that photoshoot. 


 I bring energy and warmth to every photoshoot, my goal is to make you feel at home and make you as comfortable as possible while having a good time. I want to make you the most authentic with these beautiful photographs for you to enjoy for many years to come. 

I would love to help you in creating your beautiful memories.

I honestly can say that I love what I do!


What Clients Are Saying

"I've had the opportunity to observe Daphne work as a photographer. She is diligent and knowledgeable on what she is doing. She is patient to get the images she has in mind at the same time she has the ability to keep the client at ease. I would definitely use her for future occasions."


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